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Our current annual revenue is above Rs.13 million, and we enjoy an excellent reputation among our peers and clientele in the business world. The packaging should be used in some way after removing the product. Ruchika can assist customers in developing the optimal blister packaging for their needs. Blister packs are a great way to present the product; we create them in various shapes. We can design one specifically for the customers. 

The Background

Ruchika Industries Private Limited was established in 1979 with a focus on marketing and advertising; our founders and early executives were involved in the promotion of a wide range of high-quality products, including Acetate Boxes, Blister Packs, Blister Trays, Plastic Clamshells, PET Films, Chocolate Trays, Mushroom Trays, Punnet Boxes, and many more. We were an early innovator to the clients by suggesting innovative ways to package their products and promote them.

Our company has been in the printing and packaging business since 1981. One of the first people to take advantage of our many offerings was Shehnaz Hussein, the herbal cosmetics queen, and some other industry leaders in the childcare field and the clothing of the children of tomorrow. 
We began producing Blisters on a modest scale in 1983, first catering to the needs of Krunchy Foods. Manufacturers and Exporters of consumer goods, such as Ajay Tooth Brushes, Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals, and Challenge LPG Tubing, quickly joined our clientele.

Our operations and services expanded along with the increasing demands of our clientele for superior packaging and product quality. Our Tool-room was set up in 1985 so that our company could create increasingly complex and technically advanced machines and dies. The expansion was made possible thanks to the support of customers like Dabur India, ISPL, Reckitt & Coleman, Singer Sewing Machines, Maruti Udyog, Degramont India, etc.

We discontinued our printing and advertising services in 1988 and instead focused solely on Blisters in response to the competitive market. We designed Skin Packaging, Standees, Sealable Blisters, Multipurpose Trays, Lockable Clampshells, Boxes, Flocks, and many other upscale PVC packagings to meet the highest global requirements. 

Our company started another plastic sheet extrusion project in 1993. Again, it was done to learn more about the source material and enhance the product quality. To our contract clients, we have offered end-to-end packaging services since 1994. It includes initial product packaging in a blister card and final shipping packaging. Our facilities and those of our clients were used to perform these tasks as needed. A small but dedicated group of customers included Godfrey Phillips India Ltd, Luxor Pens, Geep Syndicates, Comfort Pens, Eicher Nulux Tools, Kaleva Foods, Jhalani Tools, Exportos India, and so on. Later, Gillette India Limited, BPL Batteries, Duracell Batteries, Parker Pens, Wilkinson Swords, Vishal Tools, etc., joined the ranks.

Inquiries from around the country flooded in as we rushed toward the national rollout of our technological advancements. In 1995, we opened a supplementary office in Mysore, located in Southern India. Although the branch's original focus was blister production, it can now provide nearly all of our services. Gillette India Ltd. is a highly regarded client of ours. Thus in 1996, we set up a separate facility in Bhiwadi that was solely committed to serving the needs of Gillette India Ltd. To better serve our clients in northern India, we opened a second factory in Himachal Pradesh in 1997. In 1999, Duracell Batteries and Gillette India Ltd. developed a specialized packing and handling facility and ancillary facility in Delhi.

Why Choose Us?

  • Inhouse PET material
  • Concept, tool and designing room
  • One-stop shop
  • Blister division
  • Private/ancillary labelling
  • Acetate boxes

Quality Policy

Our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality services and products reliably. Through our measures, we hope to become the industry leaders our customers expect us to be. 
The elimination of errors, the enhancement of our procedures, and the reduction of costs to a competitive level are all goals we have set for ourselves. Whether customers choose between 'Ruchika and elsewhere, quality should be their top priority. Our roster of Fortune 500 customers should serve as a hint as to the calibre of service we offer. For upkeep and ongoing quality improvement, we engage in intensive R&D efforts. We have all we need to handle any problems with quality. Thanks to our tireless quality control team, steadily increasing quality standards, and unwavering dedication to research and development, we can offer superior products to our rivals at all times. We were awarded Excellence in Quality System by Gillette India during their Vendor Quality System Audit in March 2003.

Our Mission and Vision

To this end, we have created a culture that encourages creativity, collaboration, and growth in all our employees. Our mission is to create lifelong patrons. To keep our customers coming back for more, we work hard to anticipate their needs, respond quickly to their comments, and increase value through innovation. We shall accomplish our goal in any supportive setting characterized by openness, mutual regard and cooperation.


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