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Blister Pack

Blister packs are basically a unit-dose packaging that are used for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, or lozenges. These are tampered resistant and can offer barrier protection for shelf-life needs. Our offerings are designed for packing medicine.

Blister Tray

Blister trays are used for packing batteries, medications, and toy vehicles. These are most commonly found in pharmaceutical buildings. Our offerings are perfect for a variety of purposes, including the packaging of pharmaceuticals, electronic devices, or toys, because to the tough material they are made of.

Plastic Clamshell

Plastic clamshells are the most widely used type of food packaging. These are appreciated for packing a variety of food goods, including sandwiches, pies, cookies, bread, burgers, BBQ ribs, frozen lobster tails, salads, and more. An object or product is entirely encircled by two linked pieces of wrapping material in this type of package.

PET Film

PET films are ideal for plastic wrap, tape backing, printed films, plastic cards, protective coatings like sun and safety window films. These are also suitable for release films, transformer insulation films, and flexible printed circuits. Our offerings can also be utilized for microwave and medical packaging.

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